Hyland Saturn One

Audiophile Quality Sound

Handmade in the UK


The Hyland Saturn One represents the pinnacle of our efforts to individually hand-craft reference level headphones from the finest hardwoods.

Comfortable & super lightweight, they allow you to forget they are being worn; freeing you to enjoy every nuance of the music.

Everything In Its Right Place

When describing the sound of the Hyland Saturn, seemingly contradictory terms seem to arise:

They are airy with a wide soundstage, yet intimate; they are detailed and dynamic, yet laid-back, natural and non-fatiguing. With fantastic imaging and separation, every instrument is afforded its own specific place in the mix.

Although the Saturn is comfortable with all genres of music, they sing with classic rock & soul music, classical, jazz and folk, bringing out all the warmth of the recording and the dynamics of the space in which the music was recorded.


Fewer than 50 pairs produced per year.

Sometimes, when companies say handcrafted, what they really mean is hand-built. Parts are mass produced and some final build and finish is done by hand.

When we say Hyland Headphones are handcrafted in the UK, we mean handcrafted. Excepting components, not a single automated process is used in their construction. The headband parts are milled, shaped, bent, drilled and tapped by hand. The cups are hand turned from the finest ethically sourced hardwoods, and hand-finished using a hard wearing and beautiful lacquer. The cables are hand braided and soldered, and the leather headband is handmade and hand burnished.

Every pair is worked on individually with only 1 pair made at a time to ensure full attention is given to absolutely every detail.

The 40mm dynamic drivers are carefully chosen for their excellent sound reproduction qualities.

Each pair is individually tested to ensure consistency of frequency response and stereo matching.

With an impedance of 32ohms, the Saturn One is an easy load to drive and will play happily with your smartphone, while scaling up well when driven by a more capable source.

Hyland Saturn One is wired with a detachable hand braided 1.6m long 24AWG silver plated/copper mix OFC speaker cable

The cable terminates at the headphones with gold plated 2.5mm mono jacks.

As standard the input is a 3.5mm single ended stereo jack (a 1/4” adapter is also included). Other connections (both single ended and balanced) are available on request.